Spinners Corner

Please come in and have a look at our hand-painted tops for spinning or felting.

If you’re interested in getting some raw fleece please let us know as we often go to fairs and events and could obtain them for you.

Also if you’re looking for a spinning wheel, spindle, niddy-noddy, nostapinne, carders or other spinning-related equipment, we might be able to provide information of local suppliers.

If you are a local wood carving artist and would like to sell your spinning tools through our shop, please come to the shop and let’s talk.

I have already got some lovely Cormo from the USA, in white, grey, and black. I might be persuaded to sell you some… 😉


2 thoughts on “Spinners Corner

  1. Hi, I would be interested in some white cormo fleece, could you email me details. Thank you.

    1. Hi Amanda, the best thing would be for you to pop in to the shop, see it and decide how much you want. I sell it by weight, at £8 per 100g. It’s very clean and absolutely scrumptious.

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